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Timeless Timber

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Delve with me into an ageless forest where memories and moments intertwine seamlessly. With Timeless Timber, you're doing more than just igniting a candle; you're sparking tales that span generations, preserved in each fragrant layer.

The instant the flame meets the wick, your space fills with the rich, deep aura of teak—reminiscent of towering trees that have witnessed centuries pass by. The elusive oudwood, with its distinct and treasured aroma, then weaves its narrative. More than just an aroma, oudwood is an age-old guardian against negativity, instantly turning your surroundings into a sanctuary of calm.

As the candle continues its dance, the subtle notes emerge. Soft hints of refreshing greens evoke the sensation of wandering under a verdant canopy, while a trace of spiced tobacco leaf evokes memories of grand lounges, where conversations flowed with effortless grace.

Beyond the sensory delights lies the soulful essence of oudwood, believed for ages to lift prayers with its delicate smoke, creating a bridge between our world and realms beyond. It's not just an aroma—it's a ceremony, a bond, a pause for introspection.

Light up Timeless Timber and let it transport you through dense forests, leading you to a space defined by history and enduring sophistication.

Timeless Timber
Timeless Timber Sale price$19.00

seaside serenity

The Art of Home Fragrancing

For the best burning experience, ensure the candle burns until the wax extends uniformly to its edges. Before you decide to light it again, wait for the candle to solidify entirely. Regular maintenance is key; it's a good habit to trim the wick, ensuring it stands no taller than ¼ inch (6mm). Always remember to set the candle on a safeguarded surface to prevent any potential damage. And as a precaution, never leave it unattended, especially around children and pets.

Seaside serenity

Cristelle's tips

First Burn is Essential: The first time you burn your candle, allow it to melt across the entire surface. This sets the 'memory' for the candle and helps prevent tunneling in subsequent burns.

Snuff, Don’t Blow: Use a candle snuffer or a metal lid to extinguish your candle. This method produces less smoke and helps prevent hot wax from spattering.