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Seaside Serenity

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Imagine this: A quiet beach where sunlight gently dances on the water, and tropical flowers add a touch of magic with their vibrant beauty. That's the essence we've captured with our Seaside Serenity candle. A hint of coconut milk, a splash of inviting mimosa – it's like holding a piece of the world's most sought-after coastlines in the palm of your hand.

Light it up, and let's set off on a sensory journey together. The first flicker welcomes you with the creaminess of coconut milk, a cheeky hint of blue raspberry, and the refreshing zest of mandarin. But there's more. As the scent unfolds, you're wrapped up in a floral affair - imagine the luxury of mimosa, the grace of jasmine, the sweetness of sugared plum, all crowned by the pure allure of white lily. And for that final touch? A soft whisper of cotton candy, the richness of cashmere musk, and the ever-elegant vanilla.

So, the next time you're looking to elevate your space with a touch of grandeur, light up our Seaside Serenity candle. Take a moment, breathe in deeply, and treat yourself to a sensory escape, one that celebrates both sophistication and soulful relaxation.

Seaside Serenity
Seaside Serenity Sale price$19.00

seaside serenity

The Art of Home Fragrancing

For the best burning experience, ensure the candle burns until the wax extends uniformly to its edges. Before you decide to light it again, wait for the candle to solidify entirely. Regular maintenance is key; it's a good habit to trim the wick, ensuring it stands no taller than ¼ inch (6mm). Always remember to set the candle on a safeguarded surface to prevent any potential damage. And as a precaution, never leave it unattended, especially around children and pets.

Seaside serenity

Cristelle's tips

First Burn is Essential: The first time you burn your candle, allow it to melt across the entire surface. This sets the 'memory' for the candle and helps prevent tunneling in subsequent burns.

Snuff, Don’t Blow: Use a candle snuffer or a metal lid to extinguish your candle. This method produces less smoke and helps prevent hot wax from spattering.