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Article: My BIGGEST Skincare Mistakes

My BIGGEST Skincare Mistakes

My BIGGEST Skincare Mistakes

One of the reasons I created Hush Bubbles was to provide consumers with effective products. I remember a time, during my teenage years, when no skincare product managed to work on my skin. In my desperation, I tried "products" that kids my age claimed worked. I was desperate, plus there seemed to be nowhere I could turn. I eventually found a prescription medication that did the trick, which I will reveal later!


So, what happened during my teenage years?


I had a severe case of pimples, which made me lose my confidence, especially since this is the time when confidence is being built. I was eager to try different products on my skin. Here are the "products" I tried so you don't have to:


a.     Sugar

I mean sugar is a good exfoliator, right? I didn’t know it back then. I had a friend who, just like me, suffered from acne. Similarly, she desperately sought a healing potion for her skin. In our quest to achieve smooth and bright skin, she approached me enthusiastically one day to tell me that her friend, who had the same skin problem, started using sugar as a face wash.

And the result? Pimple-free face. I was thinking about this sugar wash the entire day and couldn’t wait to go home from school to try it out! When I finally got home, the first thing I did was to grab our jar of sugar and spoon out enough for my face. After washing my face, I wiped it dry with great anticipation of how it would look. 

How did it turn out? I was so surprised! My face was so smooth and soft.

I told myself that I finally found the magic potion and that the secret was just within the four corners of our house!

Following that, I used it for a few days straight! I noticed, however, that the smoothness and softness I initially felt is no longer there. Instead, my face is dry and new pimples are appearing! I told my friend about this, and unfortunately, she was also experiencing something similar. 

We stopped using this sugar wash, but the search continued!

b. Vaseline 

Next stop is Vaseline. I had a schoolmate who, just like me, had a serious case of acne. And suddenly, her face cleared up! So, along with my friend I mentioned above, I approached her and asked for her secret! She said she puts vaseline on her face after cleansing it.

Again, that’s what I was thinking the entire day! I couldn’t wait to get home so I could wash my face and apply vaseline! The moment I arrived home, I washed my face and applied this! Unfortunately, it didn’t work on my skin the first time! Fortunately enough though, I discovered it soon enough to avoid having to use it again. My face was itchy the entire night and my pimples were swollen the following day. Since then, I have never used this product on my face!

c. Lime

As I have mentioned repeatedly above, I had a lot of pimples, some of which dried up and left dark scars. Since I was young, I had no idea how to apply makeup! So I didn't have a lot of options to hide these pimple scars. I needed to find ways to lighten up these dark spots! I was thinking that since Vitamin C has the ability to lighten up dark spots, then a lime juice should be more effective since this is directly from the fruit itself, right? So I used it! Unfortunately, dark spots came out to be more intense.

There you have it, folks! These are the skincare mistakes I made during my teenage years!

I eventually found a product that helped alleviate my pimples. After seeing several dermatologists, I found someone who actually helped me! She prescribed CLINDAMYCIN, and I would say that this helped me tremendously with my pimples!

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