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Article: How To Host A Spa Party At Your Home Without Spending A Fortune

How To Host A Spa Party At Your Home Without Spending A Fortune

How To Host A Spa Party At Your Home Without Spending A Fortune

Why spend a lot of money to go to a day spa with your family or friends when you can create an oasis of serenity yourself at home?

Spending your weekend shopping, eating at this new restaurant you've been dying to try, and drinking with friends could be draining and exhausting.

Remember: Weekends are meant to be an escape from everyday stresses.

The comfort of your own home is the perfect place to indulge in a day of pampering and relaxation with your friends or family. It is a wonderful opportunity to mingle with your family, laugh and sip herbal teas, champagne, wine as you get pampered - plus you can't go wrong with light snacks!


Our ultimate guide to setting up the perfect spa day at home includes suggestions for setting up a relaxing atmosphere, spa treatments, snacks, and refreshers.



1. You need a table to set up your supplies and equipment

2. Clean Towels and robes

3. Foot Scrub

4. Candles or essential oil diffuser

5. Background Music

6. Slippers

7. Headbands

8. Plants, leaves, and flower decorations

9. Water/Tea/Wine Station

10. Snack station

11. Spa-to-go gift bag


Let's start with Spa Party Tips

 You'll provide all the basics, but decide how far your budget will stretch for any extra pampering. Make sure your guests are dressed comfortably with leggings or sweatpants, a robe or comfy hoodie, and sandals for pedicures. Consider asking your friends to bring some of these items.

Set the Mood
Create a welcoming atmosphere. Decorate your space around a central theme to create a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere. A pastel color scheme, a green, natural environment, or a Zen-like design are some options. Regardless of your decor theme, create a fresh white spa feeling by draping your furniture with white linens, lightly spraying with fresh linen aroma for freshness, and scattered with fresh flowers. 
You don't have to spend a fortune on your party décor - just a few unique details can turn an ordinary home into a luxurious spa.
  • Decorate the room with candles, scatter plants, leaves, and flowers, and an oil diffuser. *Hack: create elegant floating candle centerpieces. Simply fill a glass bowl with an inch of clear glass marbles or smooth stones, add water, and top with orchid flowers and tealight candles.
  • Find a calming playlist - make sure it is some quiet relaxing background music.

     Spa Refresher Bar
You can set up a stylish refresher bar in a corner for some delicious fruit and herb drinks.
  • Water
  • Tea station - prepare a variety of caffeine free teas such as peppermint, chamomile, and even lavender tea.
  • Don't forget about cocktails

Fun starts here

Let's start by deciding what spa treatments you and your friends would enjoy (or need). Towels and washcloths are essential, as are large bowls for soaking hands and feet. You'll also need a basket for dirty towels.

Take a relaxing foot soak in a tub of warm water to begin. All you need is some large bowls of warm water filled with half a cup of sea salt, epsom salt, or sugar plus 3-6 drops of essential oil such as lavender or chamomile. You can add a tablespoon of jojoba oil for extra moisture.

Massage the soles of your feet with some smooth river pebbles (or your kid's marbles) for a soothing acupressure treat. Hush Bubbles' foot scrub is a good exfoliator to smoothen out your feet. The finishing touch is to sprinkle some edible flowers, petals, or leaves on top. Soaking for 10-15 minutes will leave your feet feeling divinely soft.

Hush Bubbles' Recovery Foot Cream is a luxurious way to nourish the feet.

While your feet soak in that tub of warm water, use a spa neck pillow to soothe your shoulders.


It wouldn't be a spa day without a face mask. You can set up this station where everyone has easy access to a coffee table for all the treats they need.

Make sure everyone has a good mirror to see what they're doing, some stylish headbands to keep the sticky stuff out of their hair, and micellar water to remove makeup. Put piles of clean washcloths in pretty baskets or invest in some good quality paper towels.

As everyone’s skin is different, you’ll need multiple masks. You can get Hush Bubbles Enzyme Radiance Mask for optimal radiance or Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask for ultra hydration. Let them sit on your face for a few minutes, then rinse them off.
You can end your face time with a refreshing face mist after all the gunk has been washed off.
Another option is ready-made masks. Most cheap ready-made masks will give you the same results as expensive ones. This one's totally up to you, depending on your budget.


We want everyone to feel refreshed and healthy, so we've got snack ideas that will fill you up without weighing you down. It's not a good idea to exhaust yourself before the party...
Your friends will enjoy taking home a little relaxing bag. Hush Bubbles has a lot of budget-friendly gift pack spa options - from shower bombs, scrubs to body butters. 
When your friends leave all zen and relaxed, you'll have them begging for another spa day. A spa party in today's busy world is hard to resist, isn't it?

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